Industrial advisors

Vaaka Partners has an extensive industrial advisor network covering different industries and geographies to support our current and prospective companies through experience, knowledge and networks. All of our advisors in the industrial advisor network are people who have worked and/or are working currently with Vaaka Partners’ companies.


In addition to our own network, we always look for the best experience on a case-by-case basis to support our companies.


Industrial Advisor Network
Tuomo Lähdesmäki
Jan-Martin Börman
Clas Göran Hagström
Timo Hiltunen
Ingrid Jonasson-Blank
Risto Kyhälä
Antti Lehtonen
Jan Lång
Kari Neilimo
Markku Numminen
Pekka Paalanne
Kalle Ruuskanen
Olof Sanden
Sissi Silvan
Marko Sipola
Mika Sutinen
Hannu Vaajoensuu
Juhani Vanhala