Panu Vuorela

I joined Vaaka Partners in 2007, but began my career in private equity already in 1999 with early stage technology companies in Silicon Valley. Before Vaaka Partners, I was the managing director of Navicore, a company that developed map and navigation software for mobile phones. I have an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto University.

Currently, I am the Vaaka team leader in four of our partner companies: Tietokeskus, Cloudpermit, Bolt.Works and Lyyti. I am also a board member in Fluxio. While each of these companies have unique goals and challenges to solve, they are united by a highly motivated and capable management team, ambitious strategy, and an experienced board of directors.

I feel fortunate to work with the diverse and talented people of our partner companies. Together we’re realizing shared goals.


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