Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) is a trusted provider of advisory and analytics services to the social and healthcare sectors in Finland. By integrating analytics and data skills with user-friendly service design, NHG helps its clients to develop affordable and effective health and social services for the future. Together with public and private healthcare providers, as well as pharma and healthcare tech companies, NHG is making the world a better and healthier place.

The Vaaka factor: We’re helping NHG to accelerate its growth strategy in the Nordic and build its core business through targeted acquisitions and competencies development. Our shared goal is to channel the ambition and talent of more than 200 NHG professionals into success in the global marketplace. A vital step in NHG’s growth and internationalization was the acquisition of Health Innovation Institute in Denmark in June 2020, the acquisition of Salivirta & Partners in November 2021, and the acquisition of UK-based QFI Consulting Ltd in June 2022.

The big picture: Value-based delivery of healthcare services is a global megatrend enabled by new technologies and better data. Healthcare providers need to measure and quantify value in social and healthcare services and innovators like NHG can provide the tools to turn data into healthy insight.




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