LTP Group

LTP Group specializes in the holistic management of goods flows in the food sector. Catering mostly to small and medium-sized food producers, LTP Group integrates food flows and delivers them downstream to retail distribution networks and the foodservice sector. LTP Group enhances the efficiency of goods flow and delivers food to the table – faster, fresher and more flexibly, and with less kilometers travelled.

The Vaaka factor: We are working closely with the management to develop LTP Group’s operations and further strengthen the company’s market position. We are also helping the company to adapt to market changes and deploy new logistics management technologies. The company’s net sales were approximately €67m in 2021.

The big picture: The food sector is changing rapidly both in Finland and elsewhere in Europe as consumers expect greater variety and convenience and increasingly eat outside home. LTP Group is well positioned in the food logistics chain to serve the changing market with innovative solutions.




LTP Group



Net sales

€67m (2021)



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