Jungle Juice Bar

Jungle Juice Bar is the largest smoothie bar chain in Finland. 100% dedicated to hand made healthy, all-natural smoothies and juices, Jungle Juice Bar is the right blend of tasty well-being and agile concept, with bars operating in places where you would not expect to enjoy a refreshing drink – for example under shopping centers’ escalators.

The Vaaka Factor: When we invested in Jungle Juice Bar in 2017, there were 21 smoothie bars in nine cities in Finland. Today there are over 40 bars.

Our mission – from the first squeeze – has been to support the company in managing growth. We continue to provide them with assistance and resources for expansion, while they offer a winning recipe for juicy growth.

The big picture: Interest in all-natural and healthy foods and beverages is a global megatrend. More and more consumers ask for on-the-go products that support their wellbeing and mobile lifestyle. Companies like Jungle Juice Bar are in the right place at the right time with the right taste.




Jungle Juice Bar



Net sales

€14m (2023)



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