AINS Group

AINS Group is a pioneering company that paves the way in construction engineering and consulting with creative and trusted experts in construction management, structural engineering, infrastructural engineering, rock and environmental engineering and architecture. The starting point for AINS Group’s projects is exceptional focus on people and cooperation, where practical, active interaction and leadership is emphasized. Things are done together and better, while challenging the entire industry to modernize from traditional contract management into a people business.

The Vaaka factor: We support AINS Group in their ambitious target of challenging the entire construction and real estate sector and questioning traditional ways of working. Turnover is intended to at least double by the year 2025, and growth is sought both organically and through acquisitions. AINS Group and Vaaka also have their eyes on the international market.

The big picture: Construction and real estate sector development is driven by multiple megatrends and staying ahead of competition requires questioning traditional ways of operating in the field. Urbanization, digitalization and increasing use of technology, as well as sustainable development and tackling the climate change require novel thinking from all. As projects become more complex and versatile, importance of design and consultancy increases in achieving cost targets and excellent customer experience.




AINS Group



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