Musti ja Mirri begins co-operation with Univet veterinary clinics

Current topics / Tuesday 24.09.2013

First joint location will be launched during 2013

The pet product retail chain Musti ja Mirri and the veterinary clinics chain Univet have entered a co-operation agreement, under which the two companies will further develop their combined offering of products and services to pet parents to improve the health and well-being of their pets.

Part of the planned co-operation includes co-locating operations in the same premises. The first such location will be in Tammisto, Vantaa, where Univet will open a new veterinary clinic next to the current Musti ja Mirri store. The new concept means new veterinary professionals will be hired in such new clinics.

”We can offer a broad palette of services and products that pets and their owners need in their everyday life. The Tammisto store is one of our biggest stores and co-locating with Univet veterinary clinic enables us to serve all of the needs of pets and their owners with a single store visit”, says Mr. Jyrki Lämsä, the CFO of Musti ja Mirri Group.

”The well-being of a pet requires not only high quality veterinary services, but also continuous care, including a healthy diet, regular excercise, activities and attention. These daily needs are fulfilled by Musti ja Mirri’s offering and with the help of their qualified staff. For pet parents our co-operation provides an easy and convenient end-to-end solution to all their needs”, remarks Mr. Pekka Happonen, the CEO of Univet.

The two companies will work closely e.g. in marketing in the future. The aim is to continuously develop the joint offering and innovate new ways to serve pet parents better locally.

”Similar kind of joint offering has been available elsewhere in Europe already for many years with great success. We firmly believe that this co-operation will help our customers and their pets live an even happier life than before. Our joint target is to make a similar offering available also elsewhere in the Nordic countries”, states Mr. Lämsä.

For more information

Univet Oy, CEO Pekka Happonen, pekka.happonen (a) or tel. +358 400 215 493.
Musti ja Mirri, CFO Jyrki Lämsä, jyrki.lamsa (a) or tel. +358 44 573 5611

Univet is a chain of veterinary clinics specialized in superior medical care and treatments of animals. Established in 2008, Univet has 16 operating veterinary clinics and is currently employing some 220 people. Univet is part of Evidensia, Northern Europe’s largest veterinary chain consisting of more than 80 animal hospitals and clinics in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Musti ja Mirri is the largest pet product retail chain in the Nordic Countries. Our mission is to be the most reliable and trusted partner in the lives and hobbies of pets and their owners. We have a total of 115 stores, 101 located in Finland and 14 in Sweden. We also have an online store in both countries. The total consumer sales of our retail chains is 87 million euros and we employ over 400 people.

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