Musti ja Mirri acquires Arken Zoo and DjurMagazinet

Current topics / Tuesday 14.04.2015

Musti ja Mirri, the leading pet specialty retailer in the Nordics, has acquired Zoo Support, owner of Arken Zoo and DjurMagazinet franchise chains in Sweden from Braganza AB.

Zoo Support is the largest pet care retail franchise chain in Sweden operating under the brands Arken Zoo and DjurMagazinet. Zoo Support has 91 stores across Sweden and offers a broad range of products for pets and pet owners, such as pet food and accessories. Many stores also offer adjacent pet care services such as dog grooming and claw clipping under the brand Trimmis and veterinary services under the brand Vettris.

The pet retail market is growing at a steady rate. The demand is mainly driven by pet owners seeking higher quality and better services for their pets, which are to an increasing extent considered as equal members of the family.

“It feels great joining forces with such professional organizations. Arken Zoo and DjurMagazinet are both led by dedicated entrepreneurs with the staff representing expert skills in the pet field. There are many areas where we can work together to create an even stronger offering and more exciting experience for the customers and their pets. The acquisition puts us in an excellent position to seize the growth opportunities in the pet retail market,” says Mika Sutinen, CEO of Musti ja Mirri.

The plan going forward is to further build on the Arken Zoo brand in Sweden and initiate a gradual harmonization of the assortment and offering as well as to combine the sales organizations. The combined entity will have the scale and resources to further invest in the concept and services to create a superior offering to the pets and pet owners in the Swedish market.

“Musti ja Mirri will continue to expand its store network in Sweden, now together with Arken Zoo and DjurMagazinet. We will also further develop the assortment and interfaces to make sure we meet our customers where they want to meet us, be it in a local store or online”,Mika Sutinen continues.

Per G. Braathen, chairman and owner of Braganza says:

We are very happy to see Arken Zoo and DjurMagazinet join Musti ja Mirri and create the largest retail group in the Nordic pet market. Our goal when we acquired Arken Zoo almost 10 years ago was to establish the largest pet retail chain in Sweden. Through hard work from the previous and present management of the two franchise chains and not the least the franchisees we are pleased that has been achieved. As an industrial owner we are also pleased to continue supporting the new group by staying as a minority shareholder in a larger constellation.”

About Musti ja Mirri Group

Musti ja Mirri Group (MMG) is the leading pet specialty retailer in Nordic countries. MMG’s product assortment comprises a complete range of pet supplies and accessories related to the pets’ well-being as well as pet foods. The chain has 129 stores in Finland and Sweden. MMG has 500 employees. Further information can be found at

About Zoo Support

Zoo Support is the franchiser for the pet store chains Arken Zoo and DjurMagazinet, for the veterinary chain Vettris and for the pet grooming and spa chain Trimmis. Further information can be found at

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