Ovenia Isännöinti acquires Verkkoisännöinti.fi Ltd

/ Monday 09.12.2013

Ovenia Isännöinti acquires the fast growing Verkkoisännöinti.fi Ltd and doubles its business in the Greater Helsinki region.

A leader in Finnish Residential real estate management, Ovenia Isännöinti acquires Verkkoisännöinti.fi Ltd. The company was established in 2007 and today it employs 30 people in the Greater Helsinki region. The founders of Verkkoisännöinti.fi, Timo Metsälä and Mikko Kalmanlehto, sell the entire share capital and become shareholders in Ovenia Group Ltd.

Verkkoisännöinti.fi’s Managing Director Timo Metsälä will join the management group of Ovenia Isännöinti and take charge of its real estate management services in the Greater Helsinki region. Verkkoisännöinti.fi continues to operate under its current brand. The acquisition does not affect Verkkoisännöinti.fi’s operations in the Greater Helsinki region or its client relationships and its employees’ position.

– Ovenia is the pioneer in residential real estate management and with Verkkoisännöinti.fi we will further strengthen our position, says Jan-Martin Börman, Ovenia Group’s Managing Director.

Ovenia increases its online business and market share

The Finnish Real Estate Management Federation awarded Verkkoisännöinti.fi as the Real Estate Management Company of the Year in 2013. Verkkoisännöinti.fi is also known for its customer intimacy as well as transparency-driven online services.

– Ovenia is carrying out a major development project in real estate management services and with Verkkoisännöinti.fi we can significantly speed up the service design and nationwide application of our new service concept, Jan-Martin Börman states.

– We are very happy to welcome Verkkoisännöinti.fi to Ovenia. As an innovative reformer of real estate management they fit perfectly to Ovenia’s strategy. The acquisition increases our resources in online business, strengthens our position in residential housing, and doubles our real estate management business in the Greater Helsinki region, says Vesa Havukainen, Ovenia Isännöinti’s Acting Managing Director.

– The common tone was easy to find – we share the goals of profitable growth and the market’s best customer satisfaction, Vesa Havukainen emphasises.

– Becoming a part of Ovenia proves that our work has been successful, which further increases our professional ambition. At Ovenia, we will be developing the operational model for the national market, Verkkoisännöinti.fi’s founders Timo Metsälä ja Mikko Kalmanlehto analyse.

– We will be better able to enhance the value of real estate management business and its general practices. The business is changing and we want to lead the change. As new members of the Ovenia team, we will help ensure that the company is characterised by the best workforce and the most satisfied clients in the business, Metsälä and Kalmanlehto think.

– Earlier this year, Ovenia Isännöinti has acquired two real estate management companies, Isännöinti Nordlund in Hyvinkää and Mikkelin Asuntokeskus in Mikkeli. Acquisitions belong to our strategic growth plan, which we have been implementing with Vaaka Partners, Ovenia’s majority shareholder. In addition to acquisitions, the means that help us reach our growth targets include organic growth and service design, Jan-Martin Börman concludes.

Further information: Jan-Martin Börman, Group Managing Director, Ovenia Group Ltd, Tel. +358 500 456960, jan-martin.borman( a)ovenia.fi
Vesa Havukainen, Acting Managing Director, Ovenia Isännöinti Ltd, Tel. +358 400 260 626, vesa.havukainen( a)ovenia.fi
Timo Metsälä, Managing Director, Verkkoisännöinti.fi Ltd, Tel. +358 44 051 2867, timo.metsala( a)verkkoisannointi.fi

Ovenia in brief

The Ovenia Group is Finland’s leading provider of property and real estate management services and leasing services. The Group comprises Ovenia Ltd, which provides services to commercial and business premises, and Ovenia Isännöinti Ltd and Realprojekti Ltd. The Ovenia Group is responsible for the maintenance of 12 shopping centres and 6,000 business premises, and the administration of over 66,000 apartments. All services are provided in accordance with the ISO 9001 certification for property management. The Ovenia Group operates in 21 localities across Finland and employs more than 500 property professionals.



Verkkoisännöinti.fi Ltd is a real estate management service company, which offers modern, professional online communication, a systematic service approach as well as high customer satisfaction. The company employs 30 people in the Greater Helsinki region and its turnover in 2013 is approximately EUR 2.3 million.


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