Vaaka Partners accelerates the internationalization of Molok, a leader in circular economy

Investments / Tuesday 01.11.2016

Finnish private equity investor Vaaka Partners has agreed to invest in the Finland-based, family-owned Molok, the original inventor of Deep Collection system for waste. The aim is to accelerate the international growth of the export focused circular economy company. Molok is a clear market leader in its home turf, and exports already account for more than 70 per cent of the company revenue.

The value chains of waste management are changing globally. The rising circular economy trend considers waste as raw material instead of just a cost factor. Adopting circular economy methods could save European manufacturers $630bn by 2025 according to a McKinsey report. In the modern waste management the recyclables must be separated from general waste at their source, and containing waste is key.

Molok’s Deep Collection system is based on underground containers which are clean, aesthetic, and cost efficient. Deep Collection system makes the urban spaces more efficient and helps to meet the tightening hygiene and environmental standards. Longer emptying frequencies will reduce emissions and noise.

“The industry carries tremendous potential. Thanks to circular economy, organizations have begun to consider waste as raw material and source of energy instead of just a problem for communities,” says partner Ilkka Pentikäinen, Vaaka Partners. “Together, we will have the muscle to accelerate the company’s growth in key market areas by strengthening our sales and exporting efforts.”

”We are truly impressed by Molok’s huge growth potential, based on several current trends pointing to deep collection system,” says Molok CEO Hannu Jokinen. “The new company structure will help us get to the position in the export markets that we and our products deserve.”

Molok Ltd. was founded in 1991 in Nokia, Finland. In addition to Europe, Molok’s products are manufactured in North America and China. The new Molok will be co-owned by its founder Veikko Salli and his family, key personnel of the company, and the private equity fund managed by Vaaka Partners.

For more information, please contact:
Ilkka Pentikäinen, Vaaka Partners, +358 400 217 671, ilkka.pentikainen(a)
Hannu Jokinen, Molok Oy, +358 50 318 3425, hannu.jokinen(a)

Molok Ltd
From the innovative idea of Mr Veikko Salli, Molok Ltd has been able to create a product family that is suitable to use in all continents, countries, and cultures. During the first 25 years of its operations, Molok has expanded from a small family enterprise to an international company, known all over the world. Molok’s products have been awarded the New Economy Award in 2016. For more information, please visit

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