Seven companies merge to create together Finland’s biggest physiotherapy company

News / Thursday 19.03.2015

Cities included are Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Oulu, Turku, Lahti, Joensuu, Vaasa, Nokia, Valkeakoski and Kauniainen

Seven domestic front row physiotherapy companies establish Finland’s biggest physiotherapy chain with private equity investor Vaaka Partners. Net revenue of the new company called Fysios is about 10 million euros. In the first phase, the chain has 27 places of business in 14 different cities and it employs 130 physiotherapists. Fysios is planning to expand its operations especially through add-on acquisitions. The aim of Fysios is to help half a million Finns by the year 2020.

First companies to join the chain are FysioSporttis from the capital city area, Kuntofysio from Tampere, Fysioteekki from Oulu, Ortopedinen Kuntotalo Apex from Turku, Eurofysio from Vaasa, Fysiokeskus from Joensuu, and OMT-klinikka from Lahti. The participation of Fysioteekki Ay still requires the approval of official permits. For now all companies continue their operations with their original names.

The managers of Fysios are shareholders Heikki Tiitinen and Pasi Syrjä. Tiitinen is in charge of the operations and Syrjä of developing the business. The majority shareholder is Vaaka Partners, a Finnish private equity investor. Other shareholders are the entrepreneurs joining the chain.

– 7 companies, 14 cities, 27 places of business and 130 physiotherapists. With this ensemble Fysios begins its operations in March 2015. Our aim is to grow into a chain of 600 physiotherapy professionals by the year 2020. As a bigger operator we will be heard better, our professionals will get more chances for training, and we have better possibilities to improve our line of business and our services, comments Manager Pasi Syrjä.

Cure for premature retirement

Already over million Finns have a long-term illness related to human musculoskeletal system. Many more suffer from some kind of physical problem affecting their ability to move and work. Majority of problems related to pains in knees or neck and shoulder area can be cured with physiotherapy at an early stage.

Illnesses related to human musculoskeletal system are one of the biggest reasons for premature retirement. Heikki Tiitinen remarks that the need for physiotherapy services will increase significantly and the public healthcare system is not able to respond to this.

Health technology urges to heal

For many people suffering from pain the healing process slows down between physiotherapy sessions. Most often the reason is that they skip doing the rehabilitating exercises at home. Fysios is developing a new eHealth service which supports the client between physiotherapy sessions. eHealth is based on modern technology which enables the physiotherapist to be present when a person is exercising.

– Fysios wants to be involved in the break of health technology. In the future we will have tools in our use which make us more available for our clients. Technology will never replace a physiotherapist but it will help us ensure that the client gets enough support and advice right when he needs it. The new tools will support the treatment and speed up healing, says Pasi Syrjä.

– We work in order to give Finns more healthy days. Each Finn would need their own personal physiotherapist. Preventing health problems is always cheaper than letting them grow too big. For this we need a national operator and good co-operation with doctors in Finland, summarizes Heikki Tiitinen.

Additional information:

Fysios, Pasi Syrjä, Partner, Manager, tel. 050 568 1575 pasi.syrja(a)
Vaaka Partners, Reijo Grönholm, Partner, tel. 0500 403 057 reijo.gronholm(a)

Fysios is a new domestic, national physiotherapy chain which includes FysioSporttis Oy from the capital city area, Fysioterapiapalvelut Kuntofysio Oy from Tampere, Fysioteekki Ay from Oulu, Ortopedinen Kuntotalo Apex Oy from Turku, Eurofysio Oy from Vaasa, Fysiokeskus Oy from Joensuu and OMT-klinikka Oy from Lahti. Fysios employs 130 professional physiotherapists.

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