Renewa’s subsidiary Eino Talsi Oy sold to Ekocoil Oy

/ Monday 06.08.2012

Renewa Oy has sold on 3 July 2012 its entire share capital in Eino Talsi Oy to Ekocoil Oy. Eino Talsi Oy manufactures in Lahti tailor made preheaters and other heating technology products and devices which are based on the finned tube technology. Eino Talsi Oy’s most important customers operate in metal, wood processing, foodstuff, chemical, energy and environmental industries. Since 2008 Eino Talsi which employs 10 employees has been a part of Renewa Group. Renewa Oy divested Eino Talsi Oy due to the new strategy focus on heat and power plant technology.

Eino Talsi Oy’s ownership moves to Ekocoil Oy which is the leading Finnish manufacturer of condensers, dry coolers and air to air heat exhcangers. Eckocoil employs 75 employees and its modern factories are situated in Turenki, Finland. Ekocoil Oy offers a synergic business platform for products and the development of Eino Talsi Oy.

The net sales of Eino Talsi are around 2 million euros. Ekocoil aims to expand its service offering and clientele through the transaction. Vaaka Partners is pleased with the transaction and that Eino Talsi Oy was acquired by a strategic buyer with further growth ambitions.

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