Renewa continues its international growth

News / Thursday 07.03.2013

Anja Silvennoinen will start on May 1st as the new CEO for the Finnish bioenergy solutions and technology provider Renewa Ltd. Anja Silvennoinen has been a member of the board of Renewa since 2011. Previously she was responsible for the energy business sector at UPM-Kymmene Ltd.

Renewa’s current CEO Tuomas Timonen continues as the deputy managing director at Renewa and will be responsible for customer relations and international operations.

Renewa acquired on February 28th, 2013 the entire share capital of a French service company, Sotherma SAS, which specializes in maintenance and repair services of boilers. Sotherma’s service business will be integrated to Renewa’s service business during 2013.

Sotherma, which was established in 1972, has a broad customer base in the Paris region. Key customer groups consist of local energy companies running waste-to-energy plants or power plants as well as industrial customers. Sotherma currently employs 18 people and has offices in Paris and Lyon. Sotherma is well respected among Renewa’s key French customers.

The acquisition of Sotherma further strengthens Renewa’s strategic position in the French market. Renewa has previously singed three significant plant delivery agreements in France. ”We are very pleased at Vaaka that we have been able to be support Renewa in this important step. We believe that a local service business will positively impact Renewa’s sales of new boiler plants as well as provides local maintenance support for ongoing and delivered plants during warranty period and beyond” says Mikko Kumpulainen, a partner at Vaaka Partners Ltd. Renewa is owned by funds managed by Vaaka Partners Ltd and the management team.

Renewa expands its operations in the Nordics. Renewa is carrying out its first major project in Sweden, where it has set up a Swedish subsidiary to support local presence in the market.

”I have observed Renewa’s development as a board member and I am convinced that the company has good opportunities for significant growth both in Finland and abroad” says Anja Sivelennoinen.

”Renewa strengthens its management, because the company grows fast in many geographical areas. This way we can manage better our project deliveries and support fast growth internationally. Fulfilling customer expectations is crucial for us, as each plant is customized to local requirements and circumstances, says Tuomas Timonen, who continues as a deputy managing director at Renewa.

More information:

CEO (starting from 1.5.2013) Anja Silvennoinen, Renewa Ltd
Phone: 040 760 0824, email: anja.silvennoinen (a)

Deputy managing director (starting from 1.5.2013) Tuomas Timonen, Renewa Ltd
Phone: 050 386 0448, email: tuomas.timonen (a)

Renewa ltd is a fast growing and internationally expanding company, which is an expert on local bioenergy and power plant solutions. The company supplies customized heat and power plants, boilers, maintenance and life cycle services for environmentally friendly local energy production. Renewa’s advanced combustion technology is based on local biomass and waste fuel usage. The technology and project management has been developed in Finland during the past three decades. The company employs in Finland and France approximately 110 energy professionals and its sales in 2012 were 31 MEUR. Renewa’s offices in Finland are located in Vantaa, Oulu, Tampere and Lapua, and offices in France are located in Paris and in Lyon.

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