Property management disruptors Fluxio and Aamu merge to drive the industry towards increased customer centricity with modern digital services

News / Tuesday 04.07.2023

Fluxio and Aamu, two modern property management services providers for residential housing companies, are merging. Building on a joint set of values, the new company will have the resources required for significant technological investments and to set the example to change the industry for the better.

Fluxio and Aamu are modern providers of residential property management services, with customer focus, digital services, and employee satisfaction at the heart of their operations. The rationale for the merger is a strong belief that future winners will be companies with true customer centricity and an ability to develop faster than others.

“We are such similar companies that it makes more sense to combine forces and drive development together rather than to continue separately. Together, we have sufficient resources to maintain our advantage. Going forward, we will be able to invest in technologies that improve our offering and increase our resources in maintaining and developing our service quality and breadth”, Fluxio CEO Kalle Grönqvist says.

Long-term management of customer real estate and expertise in key topics, such as energy efficiency, will remain at the core of Fluxio and Aamu’s operations. Customer focus and transparent digital services will be central.

“We believe the industry will take a significant technological leap forward in the next five years, as the traditional companies will start adopting digital tools and services. The increase of modern digital services will provide housing companies with improved transparency and openness, which is long overdue”, Grönqvist continues.

Fluxio and Aamu will continue as independent brands and the merger will not affect customer contracts or the employment terms of the property managers. The merger and the coming investments are enabled by Vaaka Partners, supporting the entrepreneurs as a new majority owner. The entrepreneurs continue in their operational roles and as significant minority owners.

Housing companies want increasingly holistic services

Fluxio and Aamu have been among the fastest growing property management companies over the past few years, and the merged company is a sizeable actor in the industry. Both have high employee and customer satisfaction, which have been earned through a focus on service quality and digital tools.

“Housing companies increasingly want holistic services and better quality. Combining the two companies enables us to broaden our offering and specializing in, e.g., energy efficiency, which will be ever more important”, Kalle Grönqvist says.

The companies’ shared values and increased resources are solid building blocks for building lasting competitive advantage based on employee and customer satisfaction.

“In this industry, the success of a company is wholly dependent on its employees. Motivated and skilled team players are an absolute necessity for having satisfied customers. We will continue to work hard to make sure our company is the best employer in the industry”, Aamu founder Jussi Laukkanen says.


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Fluxio and Aamu are forerunners in the property management industry. Combined, we offer modern property management services for around 500 housing companies in the capital region and employ approximately 100 professionals. We manage and develop housing companies based on our unique database and regular financial statement benchmarking analyses. We invest in digitalization, providing our customers with modern digital tools and transparent access to the information of their housing company.


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