Energiakolmio and Skapat Energia merge to become market’s leading energy management expert

/ Wednesday 01.10.2014

Private equity firm Vaaka Partners facilitates building of future growth path

Energiakolmio Oy of Jyväskylä and Skapat Energia Oy of Hämeenlinna will merge to become a specialist energy management company with nearly 200 employees. The companies’ core expertise and client bases complement each other, providing an excellent foundation for the new company’s future growth. The merger will be facilitated by an investment from a fund managed by private equity firm Vaaka Partners.

The new entity to be formed will have operations not only in Finland, but also in Sweden and the Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and its anticipated service business turnover will be around EUR 18 million this year. The Group will have a unique range of energy management services, special expertise in energy efficiency and electricity procurement, as well as stronger resources to serve its clients in the Baltic Sea region.

The aim of the Group is to continue its growth in Finland by developing its service offering and to expand its operations further in other Baltic Sea region countries.

Energiakolmio’s and Skapat Energia’s role in Finland’s energy market is very significant. The companies themselves do not buy or sell electricity; they serve as the client’s independent expert on energy issues. The annual amounts of electrical energy of the companies’ clients total around 20 TWh, which corresponds to 24% of Finland’s annual electricity market.

Billions of euros of savings potential in Finland alone

The new entity will have a broad client base. Energiakolmio’s clients are large companies and municipalities, while Skapat Energia serves energy users ranging from SMEs to housing associations.

“Both companies are strong players in their respective client segments, and have already started on the path of systematic internationalisation. Together, we can strengthen the Group’s competitiveness and increase its operations in Finland as well as significantly accelerate the internationalisation of both companies,” says Ilkka Hietala, a Vaaka Partners’ shareholder.

In energy market services, Energiakolmio’s and Skapat Energia’s models have been different, and suited to different sizes of client companies. Growth prospects for these services are good. The new Group expects particularly large growth in energy efficiency services.

“In Finland alone, there is still billions of euros of savings potential in buildings’ energy use. By merging, we will create a complete range of services in both energy efficiency and electricity procurement. Our range will be wider than that of any other operator in the business, and with our comprehensive offering we’ll be able to create more added value than before for our clients. They will benefit in the form of energy and cost savings,” says Skapat Energia’s CEO, Tommi Vekka.

“Our sector’s international players are expanding their operations all the time and are offering their services to more and more foreign markets, such as here in Finland. This merger is our response to them, because this way we’ll obtain more muscle for internationalization. We are creating a strong energy management expert, which will also benefit Finnish clients,” says Energiakolmio’s CEO Anssi Kuoppala.

Tommi Vekka, as CEO, will lead the Group’s parent company.

Further information:

Vaaka Partners: shareholder Ilkka Hietala, tel. +358 50 358 6929, www.vaakapartners.fi
Skapat Energia: CEO Tommi Vekka, tel. +358 50 563 2853, www.skapatenergia.fi
Energiakolmio: CEO Anssi Kuoppala, tel. +358 20 799 2109, www.energiakolmio.fi

Skapat Energia Oy, based in Hämeenlinna, is an electricity procurement and energy efficiency expert. The company has around 80 employees, and turnover last year was EUR 7 million.

Energiakolmio Oy is Finland’s leading independent energy market specialist. The company’s head office is located in Jyväskylä. The company has 90 employees, and last year’s turnover was EUR 8.1 million.

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