Lotta Martikainen

I joined Vaaka Partners in November 2016 excited about the opportunity to support growth and development of Finnish companies – something I both enjoy and find meaningful. I am currently working with the unique temperature-controlled logistics service provider LTP Group and with the leading ICT-infra service and solution provider Tietokeskus. During my time at Vaaka, I have also worked in our Ovenia, Unisport and Molok teams, all of which have had highly inspiring growth stories which I have enjoyed supporting.

Previously, I worked as an investment banker at Merasco where I participated in advisory processes for M&A and capital market transactions. Prior to joining Merasco, I earned an M.Sc. (Tech.) degree from Aalto University. During my studies I worked for Orion Corporation, focusing on production strategy and for Siemens Plc, focusing on business development.

Helping Finnish business champions grow and develop is the best part of my work. Doing that together with motivated management and board is also a source of joy and inspiration.


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