Funds and investors


Vaaka Partners currently manages four private equity funds with capital commitments of EUR 470 million. One of these funds invests in new portfolio companies and the other three only in existing portfolio companies.


Six of the company’s private equity funds have gone through the entire life cycle. That means the company invested in portfolio companies, developed and sold them, and returned capital plus profits to investors.


Private equity fund Investment strategy Capital under management Year established
Funds investing in new portfolio companies
Vaaka Partners Buyout Fund IIIBuyout225 M€2017
Funds investing only in existing portfolio companies
Vaaka Partners Buyout Fund IIBuyout150 M€2012
Vaaka Partners Buyout I *Buyout75 M€2008
Ilmarisen Suomi-Rahasto ICo-investment20 M€2006
Terminated funds
Promotion Equity I **Balanced (70 % buyout)36 M€2003 - 2015
Suomi Välirahoitusrahasto I *Mezzanine31 M€2007 - 2014
Promotion Capital IVenture capital37 M€1999 - 2012
Promotion Bridge IBridge/Mezzanine11 M€2001 - 2011
Promotion Rahasto IIBalanced (VC focus)7 M€1995 - 2007
Promotion Rahasto IBalanced (VC focus)3 M€1991 - 2002

* The fund consists of six parallel funds.
** All investment are realized, legal entity pending termination. The fund consists of five parallel funds.


In reporting on the funds to the investors, Vaaka Partners follows the fund agreements and the Investment Reporting Guidelines issued by Invest Europe. In the valuation of the portfolio companies, Vaaka Partners complies with the International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation Guidelines.


The investors of the private equity funds managed by Vaaka Partners are leading domestic (76.5%) and international (23.5%) institutional investors. Pension insurance companies (46%) and fund-of-funds (18%) are the largest investor groups. Other investor groups include public sector entities (15%), foundations (7%), banks (6%), insurance companies (3%) and other companies (5%).

Vaaka Partners Buyout Fund III

Vaaka Partners Buyout Fund II

Vaaka Partners Buyout I

Ilmarisen Suomi-Rahasto I