We create new opportunities and value for promising mid-sized companies and their owners, stakeholders, management teams and the investors in our funds. Our focus is on building significant growth in our companies through internationalization as well as accelerated with acquisitive growth. We are known for our proactive approach in creating new investment opportunities and for our systematic way to build growth through deep co-operation.


We at Vaaka Partners are entrepreneurs working for our companies, and we are joined by experience, complementary capabilities and networks as well as a passionate approach to success. Our competitive advantage is based on dynamic teams who utilize unique tools and professional processes.


We believe in building our firm for the long run and aligning our interests with those of our stakeholders. For us, that means rigorous self-evaluation. We reward success, and the road is open for our professionals to reach the top of our industry.


Vaaka Partners is registered with the Financial Services Authority in compliance with the Alternative Investment Fund Manager’s act (162/2013). In addition, Vaaka Partners is a full member of the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) and complies with the rules and guidelines issued by FVCA.