Customers for sports facilities surfaces and equipment expect increasingly better service capabilities from their suppliers and the ability to operate as a one-stop-shop, to gain better quality and efficiency. Especially the market for artificial grass is expected to continue to grow, driven by both new builds and the growing need for artificial grass pitch renewals.


Vaaka Partners invested in the company in December 2015 to enable the merger of Unisport from Sweden and Saltex from Finland in the first phase. Combining Saltex’ R&D and production capability with Unisport’s market position enabled the company to provide increasingly better products and services to its customers. At the time of investment in December 2015, the turnover of the combined group was 80 million euros and the group had 130 employees.


In June 2016, the company acquired Kerko Group to execute the one-stop-shop strategy and to capture the market leader position also in indoor sports facilities and sports equipment throughout the Nordics. Unisport has continued to execute further acquisitions to strengthen its market position and offering (RH-Asennus, Urheilulattiat-Indoors, Virklund, and Jäämestarit).


Unisport is today the clear market leader in sports facilities surfaces and equipment in the Nordic countries. The key customer groups are municipalities, sports clubs and construction companies. Geographically, the group’s largest markets are Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark of the 6 countries in total. The pro forma turnover for the year 2018 was 135 million euros and there are some 400 sports facility professionals working in the company.





Net sales

135 MEUR (2018)

Deal team

Juha Peltola, Reijo Grönholm, Tuomas Siponen