Nordic Healthcare Group (”NHG”), was founded by a group of researchers at the Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University) who yearned to make the world a better place. NHG offers advisory and analytics services to its clients in the social and healthcare sector. NHG helps its clients build value-based health and social service operations by integrating cost, quality and customer experience data and analytics in their operations and management systems. Its clients include hospital districts, municipalities, private service providers, pharmaceutical companies, investors and healthcare technology companies.


At the time of Vaaka Partners’ investment NHG’s net sales was some 11 million euros and the company employs more than 100 experienced professionals and young talents. Vaaka Partners invested in Nordic Healthcare Group to accelerate the implementation of NHG’s Nordic growth strategy and enable acquisitions, investments in R&D and the development of competencies. NHG has superior expertise in its field, within the domains of analytics, service, leadership and management development, as well as transformation, which has great international potential. Value-based delivery is a global megatrend in the social and healthcare sector and it is enabled by technological advances. Cost pressures, demographic changes and the consumerisation of healthcare have given rise to the need for measuring value in social and healthcare services, both in the Nordic Countries and globally.


Nordic Healthcare Group



Net sales

€11m (2018)

Deal team

Antti Salmela, Juha Peltola, Petrus Blomqvist