Summary of the investment activities

CompanyFundInvestment periodInvestment typeExit type
LyytiVaaka Partners Buyout Fund III2019 -Buyout
Nordic Healthcare GroupVaaka Partners Buyout Fund III2018 -Buyout
FrameryVaaka Partners Buyout Fund III2018 -Buyout
Jungle Juice BarVaaka Partners Buyout Fund III2017 -Buyout
MolokVaaka Partners Buyout Fund II2016 -Buyout
TietokeskusVaaka Partners Buyout Fund II2016 -Buyout
LTP GroupVaaka Partners Buyout Fund II2016 - Buyout
UnisportVaaka Partners Buyout Fund II 2015 -Buyout
FysiosVaaka Partners Buyout Fund II 2015 -Buyout
KotikatuVaaka Partners Buyout Fund II 2015 -Buyout
EnegiaVaaka Partners Buyout Fund II 2014-Buyout
SataserviceVaaka Partners Buyout Fund II 2014 - 2018BuyoutTrade sale
SolitaVaaka Partners Buyout Fund II 2013 - 2018BuyoutSale to another PE House
OveniaVaaka Partners Buyout I2011 - 2018BuyoutTrade sale
RenewaVaaka Partners Buyout I2008 - 2016BuyoutTrade sale
Musti ja MirriVaaka Partners Buyout I2010 - 2014 -BuyoutSale to another PE House,
Partial exit 2014, current owner EQT Mid Market Fund, Vaaka’s funds continue in minority position
ProdualVaaka Partners Buyout I2012 - 2015BuyoutTrade sale
NescoVaaka Partners Buyout I2011 - 2016BuyoutTrade sale
ReimaVaaka Partners Buyout I2008 - 2011BuyoutSale to another PE House
EMC TalotekniikkaPromotion Equity I2007 - 2013BuyoutTrade sale
ViafinPromotion Equity I2006 - 2015BuyoutSale to other investor
Top-Sport *Promotion Equity I2006 - 2013BuyoutTrade sale
M-Plast *Promotion Equity I2006 - 2008BuyoutOther
Sortavalan Sähkö Promotion Equity I2006 - 2008BuyoutTrade sale
SarcoPromotion Equity I2005 - 2013BuyoutSale back to management (buy-back)
RustholliPromotion Equity I2005 - 2010BuyoutOther
KeycastPromotion Equity I2005 - 2007BuyoutSale to another PE House
MalkitPromotion Equity I2003 - 2014BuyoutTrade sale
Autotalo MobilaPromotion Equity I2003 - 2007BuyoutSale back to management (buy-back)
PowermillPromotion Capital I2003 - 2004BuyoutTrade sale
Sähkö-Rantek Promotion Capital I2002 - 2007BuyoutTrade sale
Pajuniemi Promotion Capital I2001 - 2007BuyoutTrade sale
* Originated by former employees


Summary of other investments