Viafin acquires piping and installation business of Kalse Piping Oy

Current topics / Thursday 13.10.2011

Viafin Process Piping Oy, a subsidiary of Viafin Group, further enhances its resources and knowledge base through a acquisition of Kalse Piping Oy, a company specialized in industrial pipings and installations.

Kalse Piping Oy employees shall continue as old employees in Viafin Process Piping Oy. Transaction is estimated to become effective on Oct 31st, 2011. Kalse Piping Oy business will be part of Viafin Prosess Piping business and Kalse Piping will operate as Viafin Process Piping Business Unit, serving from Oulu and Keminmaa its customers in Northern Finland and Sweden.

Jorma Tauriainen, CEO of Kalse Piping Oy, continues at Viafin Process Piping Oy as Northern Finland Area Manager. Jouni Kalamäki, Chairman of Board at Kalse Piping Oy, continues as Northern Finland Sales Manager. Viafin Process Piping workshops are located at Pori, Jämsä and Teuva – Oulu and Keminmaa being new locations through acquisition.

”This acquisition supports Viafin Process Piping’s strategic goal to expand service and maintenance business to cover also Northern Finland. Know-how and experience of Kalse Piping’s employees complement our current resources and further improve our customer service level also in projects of larger size”, says Marko Sipola, CEO of Viafin Group.

Through this consolidation we have an access to Viafin’s resources enabling us to deliver also projects of larger scale. Additionally, from now on, we are capable of delivering several simultaneous projects and to provide also more demanding installations”, continues Jouni Kalamäki, Chairman of Board, Kalse Piping Oy.

Further information:
Jouni Kalamäki, Chairman of Board, Kalse Piping Oy, mob. +358 400 692 456
Jorma Tauriainen, CEO, Kalse Piping Oy, mob. +358 400 684 377
Heikki Hirsimäki, CEO, Viafin Process Piping Oy, mob. +358 500 267 148
Marko Sipola, CEO, Viafin Oy, mob. +358 50 371 4663

Viafin Group is a leading pressure vessel and pressurized equipment supplier in the Nordic countries with a turnover of 40 million euros and approximately 150 employees. The customer base comprises of major domestic and foreign industrial companies from oil, energy, process and chemical industries, which demands high quality products and on time deliveries with world class manufacturing efficiency.

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